Nail Challenge #1

January 29, 2013

­Polish: OPI Samoan Sand
For the majority of my life I had rather atrocious nails. It’s always been a nervous habit to bite them and I was always a shy child. I remember when I was little I would bite them so far down they would physically hurt for days. Once I hit high school I stopped biting them and filed them short at all times. However that was also the time I started biting my cuticles instead. For several years I would gnaw at my fingers, making them bleed and scab. Even now, when I still file my nails short and use a cuticle trimmer about every other day, I almost constantly have my nails/fingers in my mouth. Nervous habits die hard.
Even though they are short, I would say my nails are pretty decent at this stage in my life. Not perfect, but not terrible either. I keep them filed so they don’t look gnawed at, I cut away the excess cuticle, and I moisturize religiously throughout the day. But I still don’t have as nice as nails as I would like. I would love to have long nails that I can paint any color I want. (Short nails and dark polishes unfortunately do not make a good combination.) So I have set myself a challenge to have the nails that I want. I figured you could come along for the journey. There won’t be much to the post I suppose, mostly just progress pictures.

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