A Baking Adventure

February 6, 2013

This isn't something that I plan on posting all that often, however I do really love baking and cooking. I decided to make one of my favorite cakes, a banana cake, for my mom for our Sunday dinner.

Everything needed to make the cake.

Usually there is also sour cream, however I forgot to purchase it while at the store. So I added an extra egg and two spoons of applesauce. I also always add one extra banana and double the vanilla. 

Frosting from scratch.

The finished product. 

Don't forget to clean up!

Apron: Anthropologie Tea-And-Crumpet Apron. (Mine is a older version and mustard yellow as opposed to just yellow.)
Original Recipe: ButterYum

What are you favorite things to bake? Do you have a strange obsession with aprons also? I can't help but want dozens of them. 


  1. I wish I looked this good baking
    I want your apron

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  2. I swear I don't usually look this good! But thank you :) Anthropologie always has the cutest aprons ever.

  3. Ahhhh I absolutely love banana cake! Your apron is adorable by the way.

    bbbreakingbones.blogspot.com xx


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