An Introduction.

January 7, 2013

Hello. Hi. Bonjour. Hola.
I'm not very good at these first post things. It's a new year and I thought with my current list of things I am working on I would start up blogging again. As I've obviously taken down all my previous posts I thought I would write a new little introduction to myself. So hello, I'm Sarah, I am currently twenty-three, and I live in an apartment by myself somewhere in the state of Ohio. Which is hands down the most boring state. I work at a skydiving dropzone which is loads of fun and which I love lots. I also have a lovely kitty who is eight years old and pretty much glued to me. I like to take lots of pictures of him and annoy everyone but making them look at them. I like old fashioned things, maybe a little too much sometimes. A lot of my time is spent reading, on tv shows or movies, stalking the Internet for fashion ideas, and consuming as much ice cream as possible. I tend to watch more British shows and movies, follow more British blogs, and watch more British YouTube channels than I do American ones. I am in denial that I was born American. I would say that is a pretty good summary of myself. If you took the time to read it, thank you. If you think we have things in common and I would like your blog feel free to comment or follow my blog with bloglovin.



  1. and where can i follow you with blogger (google friend connect)?

    1. Yep! Bloglovin is much more manageable and organised which is why I prefer it, but you should be able to follow me through Google also. I'll add a link for it in the side bar!

  2. I am the same way: I much prefer British youtube channels, movies, etc. I definitely don't understand how I was not born British. But maybe in a past life, I was British and was beheaded by Henry VIII or something, so maybe it's better that in this life, I'm American ;)


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