OOTD 02.10.13 + A Sunday Update

February 10, 2013

High Waisted Shorts - Forever 21
Sweatshirt - My mothers closet

You know those days when you feel your outfit looks lovely and you look lovely but you just can't seem to take any photos that you really love. Welcome to my Saturday AND Sunday. I couldn't get the lighting right, all my smiles looked silly, and I just wanted to punch my camera because obviously it was all its fault. 
This is what I wore Sunday at my moms today. Even though we have had a bit of a warm front in Ohio (unlike most of the rest of the United States - sorry New England) its still way too cold for just shorts by themselves. So I slapped on some tights and a pair of leggings underneath, my trusted solution to everything. This is probably one of my favorite sweatshirts, it fits just right and it has an extremely awesome photo of one of my brothers on it with a bowl cut from back in the day. 
If any of you are Mumford and Sons fans you might have heard of the 2013 Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Tour. They chose three towns in the United States to come to for two days each and by some magic they chose a small as hell town 10 mins from where I grew up. And to top that off they decided to bring The Vaccines with them, which resulted in me screaming bloody murder and running around my living room like a crazy person. Oh how I love The Vaccines. So obviously I snatched up tickets the second they went on sale, which is good because I heard they sold out in like an hour or something. If only Vampire Weekend were on all three dates also, alas. 
That is pretty much the biggest thing to happen this week. I saw This Is 40 and Identity Thief in theaters, which were both extremely hilarious and stared lovely men for me to lust after. (cough Chris O'Dowd, Paul Rudd, Jason Bateman cough) Right now my life is basically just waiting for the skydiving season to start so I can go back to having a life. I actually miss my whiney tandem instructors and seat stealing fun jumpers, who could have thought?

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